Mohammed Al-Rajoubi: “no one in Libya believes Bashagha anymore after his game, he failed three times entering Tripoli”

“Mr. Fathi Bashagha, who was appointed by the Parliament, entered Tripoli at dawn last Tuesday and came out in a video clip from the headquarters of Mustafa Gaddour, the commander of one of the battalions in Tripoli. So, the people and Libyan revolutionaries came out on him, thank God, they did not recognize his place. Some good people intervened to save the situation and communicated with the Government to take him in save. He was transferred by Mahmoud Hamza to the Sweref area, leaving one dead and more than ten wounded, between serious and medium, and a number of burned cars. In addition to panic and fear among women and children. I was yesterday in the city of Tripoli and it was enjoying security, safety and stability. We ask God the best for Libya; all the Libyan issues to be solved very soon through the elections of the parliament, then the referendum on the Constitution, and finally presidential elections.”  Mohammed Al-Rajoubi, Misurata Council of Elders and Notables chairman, tell us commenting on recent developments in the north African country. On the possibility for Bashagha to attempt again entering the capital, Rajoubi says: “he already tried three times: the first by force failed, and the second from the Wazen gate and failed, and the third by infiltrating the wings of darkness and failing. Now he takes the approval of his family and city to withdraw in order to organize his plan to run for a new parliamentary election, but I think no one in Libya is believing him anymore after his game”.

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