Conversation with Abdullah Naker: “between Dbeibah and Bashagha an imaginary struggle, Libya is greater than all of them”

By Vanessa Tomassini.

Foreign interference, especially the conflict between Russia and the United States, was a major reason for the suspension of the electoral process in Libya. In recent weeks, we have seen a mobilization of military forces in the capital, often motivated under the pretext of protecting elections. But which ones, since they will not take place? Let’s get it clear with Abdullah Ahmed Naker, 40, from Zintan, he is the head of the Summit Party, the former Tripoli Revolutionaries Council, today a candidate for Libya presidency.

How you see the current Libya situation?

“The political situation in Libya is getting heated up due to the international conflicts forcing the Libyan to work to serve their interests. The conflict between America and Russia is the main reason for the elections postponement, on which the US certainly had a greater weight”.

Foreign Policy wrote in recent days elections would no longer be a solution to the Libyan crisis, do you agree?

“Foreign Policy knows that Libya is subject to Chapter VII, and any failure in Libya bears the full responsibility of the United Nations”.

The Parliament has formed a series of Committees (for the road map, for foreign interference, for sovereign institutions etc.) what is happening and what are their real goal?

“We know with frustration that any project for which a committee is formed, and the Parliament in general, will not work to implement the elections, but rather works to disrupt them. The House of Representatives (HoR) is represented by Aqilah Salah and the State Council is represented by Khaled Al-Meshri. They are now sitting in Morocco deciding on behalf of the Libyan people on the formation of a new government on which they will have a position.  Jumping over the elections is the dream of all Libyans.  The current House of Representatives will not work on drafting a constitution until Judgment Day.  It must be changed as soon as possible.”

From the electoral law we have come to talk about a constitution, how long do you think it will take before Libyan people can go to vote?

“I believe that the constitution is the solution. We, in the Summit Party, have completed the draft constitution in 2013, realizing the importance of the constitution in building and stabilizing States.  It was submitted to the United Nations’ mission and the National Council 9 years ago but they did not pay any attention to it.”

Do you think the Presidential Council is really interested in going to vote?      

“The Presidential Council did not play its role in unifying institutions or completing a real national reconciliation. It is clear that it also wants to stay in power.”

Who was 34 years old in 2021, many this January will already turn 35 and they will have the right to vote? Do we have to start a new process all over again or it will be possible just announcing a new date for the electoral moment?

“The age of thirty-five, it is a legal right for everyone to participate in the elections, but Libya is the country of experiments.”

There is a military congestion in the capital Tripoli. Some say the reinforcement arrived from Misrata aim to protect the electoral process, but there are no elections. So, what’s the real reason behind their arrival?

“The reason of the military crowds in Tripoli is that Abdel Hamid Al-Dbeibah is pushing the militias to stay in power.”

Do you think is correct to say that we are in front a conflict between Dbeibah and the presidential candidate, former Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha?      

“The conflict between Dabaiba and Bashagha is an imaginary and theatrical struggle for the Libyans because America is one in Misurata.”

Can you explain us better?

“Misurata is a party of the conflict, and Fathi Bashagha, the architect of Libya Dawn in 2014, dreamed of taking control of Libya by striking Zintan.  They set up a base for Italy in Misurata, which still exists today, but they did not succeed and failed in that. To achieve this goal through politics, they pushed many personalities, and following the Haftar’s attack on Tripoli in 2019, they were the ones who brought and granted the Turks legal entry for the same reason: they dreamed to take control of Libya with it. After the decision to stop the war, and the road-map of 75 members in the Libyan Political Dialogue’s Forum (LPDF), Stephanie’s invention was the most likely candidate from Misurata and the great thief Dabaiba, bribery and corruption.  Most of the people knew Stephanie Williams, but dirty money had a great role in silencing everyone. After the victory of Dbeibah, the Prime Minister and Bashagha sat together in Misurata to celebrate the victory. Their opponent was in the Aqilah group, as in general.  They disagreed and agreed in secret. In running for the elections, Misrata reached the record number of candidates; they knew they would not be elected by the Libyan people, so the electoral moment was postponed.  They’ve brought in godmother Stephanie to get them out of trouble with a new invention so they can find their way to power.  She did not sit with me, as a leader of the Summit Party and a candidate to Libya presidency, but rather she attended a meeting with all the personalities from Misrata. But Libya is greater than all of them.”

Thank you, would you like to add something to my questions?

“I would like to say to all these idiots that we will not be silent for long that soon we will have our say; we will be satisfied with the elections and the Libyans’ choice of who rules them.”

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