Will Libya ever admit its uprooted tribes?

By Ines.

During the meeting of the Supreme Council of Libyan Arab Tribes and when performing his speech, Ahmad Omar Al-Jazewi defended Libyan tribes demanding serious and immediate solutions.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Tribes stressed that they did not retreat in the defence of their rights and their refusal to remain silent in the face of injustice. He asserted that they would not back down this time and expressed his rejection of the current laws that exclude them and do not consider them as a part of this country.

Libyan tribes have a long history of defending Libya and standing up to occupation. Al-Jazewi insisted on the tribe’s love and sense of belonging to Libya and how unjust to exclude a whole population from their country.His words were strong and in a way threatening.

He called tribes to unite because unity means power and to speak up about tragedies they are experiencing on a daily basis. The fact that Libyan tribes had been marginalized and deprived from their simple rights of having a Libyan identity will worsen the situation even more. The Libyan tribes will not slacken in using gun power if that’s what it takes to change laws and to respect an entire group’s sense of belonging to their countries.

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