Benghazi Municipality launches project to update and expand the city urbanistic plan

By Naji Saleh.

On Sunday, May 15, the municipality of Benghazi announced starting implementation project of modernizing the general plan and expansions of the metropolis of Benghazi and the accompanying engineering studies, in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan government, Ali Al-Qatrani and the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Chairman of the Committee Restoration of stability to the city of Benghazi, Ali Al-Hibri, and the Minister of Local Government in the Libyan Government of Fathi Bashagha, Sami Al-Dhawi, Minister of Communications, Abdel Hakim Al-Ghazawi, and Minister of Investment, Ali Al-Saidi and the Greek Ambassador to Libya, Ioannis Stamatikos. Representatives of the municipality, public and private agencies and civil society organizationsn also attended the ceremeny.

During the event, it was announced the launch of the project to update the general plan and expansions of the metropolis of Benghazi with the aim of modernizing and developing Benghazi urbanistic, which will have many positive results, perhaps the most important of which are urban planning and the refining of residential slums so that they become residential neighborhoods where all services are available in various areas of infrastructure starting from drainage networks, sanitary, water, electricity, roads, public transport, lakes, canals, and service facilities, including educational, health, sports and various service institutions.

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