Tunisair Express restores the Djerba – Tripoli connections. Germa Shipping Company announces passenger maritime line

The Tunisair Express airline, part of the Tunisian national group, Tunisair, will re-establish the Djerba – Tripoli route from June 2, 2022. The airline will operate two weekly flights, Thursday and Sunday every week, allowing Libyans and foreign citizens working in Libya to spend the weekend in the well-known Tunisian tourist locality.

The company has indicated that it has paid attention to the connections with flight schedules for other international destinations such as Malta, Palermo and Naples, so as to allow travelers to continue the journey without long waiting hours.

The restoration of this link will also help to eliminate the queues at the Wazen and Ras Jedir border crossings.

But this is not the only positive news for Libyans who intend to travel this summer. In the past few hours, the Germa Shipping Company announced that a new passenger maritime line will connect Tripoli with Tunisia. Germa Shipping Company – reads the company’s website – is one of the pioneers and one of the largest shipping companies in Libya with a professional culture.

It was established on 1 August 1983 and started its activity in the capital Tripoli. The company has grown in a short period of time to become one of the main shipping agents in Libya.

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