Member of the HoR – HCS joint Committee Kamel Al-Jatlawi in Cairo: “we agreed on 137 articles of the constitutional norm”

The consultations between the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) on the constitutional provision are proceeding positively. The joint sub-committee made up of members of the two chambers worked on the articles we found agreement. To date, the Chamber and the High Council have agreed 137 articles of the constitutional norm which will be referred to the two bodies for discussion and vote.” Tells Speciale Libia, Kamel Al-Jatlawi, member of the delegation for the High Council of State (HCS), originally from Misrata and elected in Benghazi, part of the delegations that from 15 June started consultations on a constitutional norm allowing Libya to go to national elections. This is the second round of talks hosted by Egypt and facilitated by the United Nations, following the first phase of discussions last month. “The consultations will end on June 11 following discussion and vote by the two Chambers,” concluded Al-Jatlawi.

“I am really pleased that the Joint Committee was able to reach this initial consensus on 137 articles, and I am particularly pleased that you were able to agree on Chapter 2 on the rights and freedoms, as well as on the Chapters on legislative and judicial authority, with the exception of a handful of articles.  Indeed, you were able to have an initial agreement on many articles of the Draft Constitution.  This demonstrates that you have shown commitment, and I strongly encourage you to continue your consultations toward reaching the final consensus on the remaining articles”. Mrs Stephanie Williams said in her closing remarks.

“I also appreciate – she continued – that this all is a work in progress, but in all of this, we have to keep in mind that the Libyan people are looking to this Committee with high hopes and expectations that your work will conclude and lead to a full agreement to enable the holding of national, comprehensive, and inclusive elections as soon as possible.  I don’t need to tell you that these elections will fulfill the aspirations of over 7 million of your compatriots, fellow Libyans, who have the internationally recognized fundamental right to go to the ballot box and to elect those who represent them in presidential and legislative elections.   We can’t let them down.  We need to end this long transitional period that your country has witnessed over the last 11 years and we need to do it within a firm constitutional framework”.

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