Western Libya, Stability Support Force commander Hassan Busriba survives attempted poisoning, “I’m fine and will continue my duty towards the country”

By Vanessa Tomassini.

Zawiya’s Stability Support Force commander, Hassan Busriba, survived an attempted poisoning and was recently discharged from the clinic where he was hospitalized. In an exclusive statement over the phone, Commander Busriba said he is fine and ready to return to his duties.

“The health conditions, thank God, are good. About my job, this is a duty towards the country, and I will continue with all the tasks that include fighting negative ideologies, crime, smuggling and immigration and the fight against terrorism”. Hassan Busriba said.

The poisoning has become a thing of the past, thank God, because I’m fine, and I will never go back.”  He added, indicating that “the work is going for the best, with the presence of patriotic men who are affiliated with the apparatus, and we will not be concerned about them as long as they have a patriotic spirit.”

For the future, I and the young people, we will work hard to build security and stability.” He concluded.

The Stability Support Force is a security agency established by the former Libyan Presidential Council, represented by Fayez al Serraj, to employ young people who have pushed back Haftar’s forces from the capital Tripoli. Hassan Busriba is in command of the apparatus in the Western region, while his brother, Dr. Ali Busriba, as a member of the Libyan Parliament, is committed to promoting national reconciliation involving young people across the North African country.

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