Libyan National Gathering calls to escalate protests

The General Secretariat of the Libyan National Gathering, a local polotical movement, in a statement today receuved by Speciale Libia calls on all its members in all Libyan cities and villages to continue their daily outings, in solidarity with the various popular actors, to demand the end of the expired political bodies and the completion of the presidential and legislative elections without procrastination or delay.

The General Secretariat also warns all members of the movement not to be drawn into acts of violence, sabotage and damage to public property. “The members of the General Secretariat are with you in these demonstrations in the squares and streets and at government headquarters, each according to his location”. Reads the note.

“There is no return, no withdrawal, no calm except by implementing the people’s demands and realizing their will sooner rather than later”. The note concluded.

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