Libya, two parallel governments? A view from the Libyan Parliament with Fathi Al-Marimi

By Vanessa Tomassini.

“The meeting with Mrs. Stephanie Williams was important. Counselor Aguila Saleh explained her the steps taken by the House of Representatives (HoR), whether amending the constitutional declaration, or forming a government and taking the constitutional oath. He confirmed that the elections will be held according to the laws of the HoR, which can be amended, as well as according to the plan of the Road Map Committee, and the parties that the Committee has contacted with. Counselor Aguila Saleh also confirmed that things are going well despite some objections, and that the measures taken by the HoR are correct, whether forming a government, issuing laws or working to hold elections in the near future.” Tell us Fathi al-Marimi, Media Advisor of the Presidency of the Libyan Parliament, the Tobruk based House of Representatives (HoR), with whom we take stock of the latest political developments after the appointment of Fathi Bashagha as Prime Minister and the granting of confidence to its executive.

Mrs. Williams said in a tweet that she agreed with Aguila Saleh that holding elections in a timely manner with a solid constitutional basis constitutes the best way forward. So, what will be the next step? The HoR and the HCS will form a joint committee?

“Of course, the House of Representatives formed a road map committee some time ago, and the High Council of State also formed a committee that includes the heads of its committees, and these committees met several times, and agreed to amend the constitutional declaration, and form the government during the past period. In fact, there is communication between the House of Representatives and the State Council, and between these committees.”

Seems impossible for Bashagha to establish his government in Tripoli right now, is the HoR thinking to let Dabaiba continues his duties until June?

“The HoR will not allow Abdel Hamid Dabaiba to continue his duties until next June. Currently, we officially do not recognize him as a Prime Minister and his term has expired. Mr. Fathi Bashagha is the official president recognized by the House of Representatives. Now Abdul Hamid Dabaiba must hand over his duties completely to Mr. Fathi Bashagha.”

Are we returning to have two parallel governments?

“The HoR does not intend to establish a parallel government, but only one government headed by Fathi Bashagha.”

What is the power balance between Bashagha and Dabaiba today?

Mr. Fathi Bashagha has great support in the Western region, and now he has consensus with the leaders of the western, eastern and southern regions. Now that things are going well, he is a strong personality with good relations, and he will collectively be able to unify the institutions and make Libya an independent country.”

Does the Parliament have any support from armed groups in Tripoli?

“The Parliament is supported by the Libyan people, and most of the Libyans support the steps taken by the HoR, whether forming a government or issuing electoral laws. The Libyan people know that only the Parliament is the legitimate representative of the country.”

Are there consultations with Abdel Hamid Dabaiba or is a definitive break?

“No, there are no contacts between Parliament and Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, but there are other parties that may work for him to hand over power to Mr. Fathi Bashagha in a peaceful manner.”

Many denounced a lack of transparency in the HoR in the process that brought to the formation of Bashagha government, can you explain us better this process?

“The formation of the government was done correctly, and the parliament session was broadcast on satellite channels, but there are some people who question the work of Parliament permanently. The procedures of the House of Representatives in forming the government are correct in accordance with the law and its powers.”

Which foreign countries support the new executive?

Many countries see this as an internal matter, but the Russian position is clear: they announced their support for the government headed by Fathi Pashaga. The HoR also released a statement yesterday to thanks the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt for their support to the legitimate institutions elected by the Libyan people and their constant concern for the security, stability and unity of Libya.”

After the military operations in Tripoli, how is the relation between Aguila Salah and Fieldmarshall Khalifa Haftar today?

“After the military operations in Tripoli, the relationship is still excellent between the speaker of parliament, Aguila Salah, and Khalifa Haftar, the commander-in-chief of the Libyan army. The relationship is excellent and there is constant communication between them.”

Before the Parliament took a strong position against the Muslim Brotherhood what are the reason to make them allies today?

The Parliament agreed with Fathi Bashagha, Ahmed Maiteeq and some influential figures in the western region, not with the Muslim Brotherhood. That is in order to unify the institutions in Libya, end the conflict in the near future, and go towards elections.”

There are many reports about a deal between Aguila Salah and Khaled al Meshri after meetings in Morocco. What this deal provides for?

“There are no deals, and the meeting with Aqilah Saleh and Khaled Al-Meshri is for the sake of Libya, for the unification of institutions, the constitutional declaration and the holding of elections.”

Did the Parliament received pressures from armed groups in the East to change the Dabaiba government?

“There is no pressure, and this was done with the will of Libyan leaders, socially, politically and security-wise, and for the sake of an understanding on unifying institutions, as I told you, holding elections and ending the conflict.”

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