Interview with Miftah Marzouk president of the Social Council of the Tribes of Sirte

The political climate of increasing confrontation, the lack of a unified army despite the efforts of the Joint Military Committee (JMC 5 + 5) in addition to the possible exclusion or acceptance of some candidates in the race for the presidency of Libya, the democratic transition in Libya risks to derail. In this interview, we try to understand what the real situation is on the ground with Miftah Marzouk, president of the Social Council of the Tribes of Sirte.

Thank you Mr. Miftah Marzouk for this interview. How are the preparations for the presidential elections going and what is the social situation in Sirte?

“Socially, things are going well in the city and everyone is hoping that these elections will take place punctually on December 24 and that there will be a democratically elected president and parliament who can restore sovereignty and security in the country.”

Is the current electoral law accepted by the social components of Sirte?

“Indeed, those who drafted and presented the electoral law are competent and more aware of what is appropriate. In the past period, I have attended some dialogue sessions on the current electoral law supervised by professors and specialists of the University of Sirte, during which have been clarified this law and the most important points in it.”

What are your expectations if some presidential candidates will be excluded?

“It is a very important and very delicate issue and I hope that the National Electoral High Commission and the Libyan judiciary are responsible and confident for everyone. I hope that everyone will be allowed to participate in the elections and that no research is done on things that would hinder the electoral process or cause opposition and protest from the people. We must trust in the ability of the Libyan people to choose who is suitable to lead the State in this difficult time for the country. From my point of view, there are many obstructionists who are looking for an excuse to corrupt and obstruct the electoral process at any possible opportunity they can have.”

Do you think there are sufficient guarantees that the electoral results will be respected?

“This question should be submitted to the international community and to the Security Council. They must provide sufficient guarantees so that the election results are accepted and respected by all Libyan parties since the electoral funds are used, everyone must respect the result, be it a winner or a loser in this electoral process.”

A final word for the Libyan people.

“In conclusion, I address to all the Libyan people the need to receive their electoral cards, prepare to participate in the elections and choose the person they believe best. It should also be specified that the electoral card must be kept and not sold or exchanged, as it is a trust that must be maintained by all.”

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